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Opening day 2012-2013 season

Opening day for the 2012-2013 season will be held on Sunday 2 September 2012.  Tennis will be from 1.00pm onwards with the official opening with Mayor Celia Wade-Brown at 4.00pm.  Please bring a plate.

Photos from opening day


2011-2012 club championships

The 2011-2012 club championships will be held on the following days:

  • Men’s Singles and Women’s Doubles – Saturday 21 April 2012
  • Women’s Singles and Men’s Doubles – Sunday 22 April 2012
  • Mixed Doubles – Saturday 28 April 2012

(Please note: we may also play on Sunday 29 April, Saturday 5 May and Sunday 6 May if required to finish any rain delayed matches or finals).

Entry sheets will be on the notice board shortly.

Handicap championships results 2011/12

The club’s handicap championships were run this season over three Sunday afternoons in November & December. On these three afternoons, instead of the usual club day play, we ran Men’s Singles and Women’s Doubles (November 27th ), Men’s Doubles and Women’s Singles (December 4th) and Mixed Doubles (December 11th). There were good numbers entered. A number of juniors from the regional interclub teams took part. The weather was good to us and we managed to complete all events, including plates, on the day. The model used for the Mixed Doubles, where every team played at least four matches, was well received (Kiran wanted more but no surprise there). The committee welcomes comment on the format used for the handicap championships, and whether something similar should be used for the real club championships.

The results were

Men’s Singles

Winner: Gabe Pang

Runner-up:  Jason Arnold

Plate: Sam Tattersfield

Plate Runner-up: Matt Thompson

Men’s Doubles

Winners: Brendan Smith and Jonathon Ayto

Runners-up: Kiran Kapadia and Gabe Pang

Plate: Geoff Melvin and John Heath

Plate Runners-up: Jonathon Dreadon and Mark Parsonage

Women’s Singles

Winner: Alide Elkink

Runner-up: Miriam Buikhuizen

Plate: Meredith Cole

Plate Runner-up:  Liz Pearce

Women’s Doubles

Winners: Phoebe Anderson and Alide Elkink

Runners-up: Becky Rogers and Meredith Cole

This was a round robin draw, so there was no plate.

Mixed Doubles

Winners:  Becky Rogers and Richard Hopkinson

Runners-up: Ginny Pang and Brendan Smith

This was a round robin draw, so there was no plate.

In the wooden spoon match, Tamara Anderson and Jonathon Dreadon defeated Pearl Chin and Mark Parsonage. We thank Pearl and Mark for being good sports for playing in this match after the pair who should have played went home.

Christmas party 2011

Christmas is approaching and so is the Vogelmorn Tennis Yankee Tournament and Christmas Party on Saturday, 17 December.
There will be a Yankee Tournament, with a ‘twist’ starting at 1pm.  Bring your sense of humour, because it should be fun!  There will be an afternoon tea put on by the Club President at around 3pm.
To give everyone plenty of time to freshen up, the dinner will start around 7pm.  This will consist of a barbeque, salads, veges, dessert etc. 
Music and party time will take place afterwards.
If you wish to come along for the dinner this will cost $15 per person.  Please put your name on the list in the club rooms and bring along the money on the night.  This can be given to either Miriam or Korrie.
It would be great to see as many of you there as possible.

Handicap championships 2011

This fun event will be held over three Sunday afternoons this year, 27th November, 4th December and 11th December 2011. 

27th November 2011 – Men’s singles and Women’s doubles

4th December 2011 – Women’s singles and Men’s doubles

11th December 2011 – Mixed doubles

Start time could be 1pm, or earlier if courts are available.  If one of these dates is washed out then those events will be re-scheduled to a day in January.  Separating the draws like this means that no-one can be in two draws on the same day, will reduce the waiting around and will allow a final to be played.  Everyone who enters will get at least 2 matches. Whether that be in a round robin format or a plate or a two life system will depend on numbers.  

Add your name to the lists in the club-house.