Wednesday, 15 of August of 2018

Vogelmorn Tennis Club Movie Fundraiser Sunday 15 October 2017 6-30 pm @ Penthouse Theatre Tickets $20

Hi Club Members

It is not very often that a film comes along about tennis, so when “Battle of the Sexes” was released we have decided to have this film as a fundraiser for the club. It is being held at our local cinema the Penthouse.

Film:    “ Battle of the Sexes”

Time:   6.30 pm

Date:   Sunday 15 October 2017

Place:  Penthouse Cinema, 205 Ohiro Road, Brooklyn

Cost:    $20 per ticket

It looks like a really good film with a good cast and story (even based on true events).

Please see the blurb below:-

It would be great for you to join us for this social and fundraising event. Your support is appreciated.

All welcome, please bring friends and family.  Tickets will be available from next week – contact Maurice Roche

Billie Jean King (Emma Stone) has just been triumphant at the 1972 US Open, but before she can finish celebrating, she finds out that the United States Lawn Tennis Association has announced a new prize fund, offering eight times less for women. In an act of rebellion alongside manager Gladys Heldman (Sarah Silverman), she launches the Women’s Tennis Association, designed to provide a more equal working environment for female tennis players. It irks the old boys of the sport, including misogynist ex-pro Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell), who challenges her to the ultimate test, a match between the pair that will, in his mind, prove that women are lesser players than men.

There’s an unavoidable comparison to recent US politics to be made here. On one side we have the hard working, respectable woman, and on the other, there’s a chauvinist, showboating man, eager to prove masculine superiority. It certainly adds an extra spikiness to the rivalry, our all-too-fresh experience of watching an attention-seeking buffoon try to bring a woman down on live television helping us root for King even more. Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire screenwriter Simon Beaufoy gives us more than enough reasons to gasp throughout with everyday sexism casually falling out of almost every male character’s mouth (“It’s not your fault, it’s biology!”). – The Guardian

From The Film Stage: ‘‘Emma Stone is the standout, bringing an astounding power and depth to her role as she layers the complexities of King.’

‘A film based on a true story should have three things — strong characters, fierce conflict and a fresh angle. Battle of the Sexes serves up all of them.’ – NY Daily News