Guidelines for rescheduling matches

  • When an interclub match has to be rescheduled, it can be difficult to find courts at a suitable time to play the catch-up games.  Here are some guidelines:

    Vogelmorn’s courts are not available for rescheduled interclub matches at the following times:
    • Sunday afternoons from 1:00 pm (senior club day).
    • Tuesday mornings (midweek club day).
    • Wednesday evenings from 7:00 pm (senior/midweek club night).
    • Friday evenings from 5:00 pm (junior club day).
    • Monday to Thursday from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm (junior coaching on courts 3 & 4).
    • During the interclub season, on Saturday mornings and afternoons and on Sunday mornings.


    Court Availability [PDF File Size 173KB]
    Please also note:
    • To reserve courts for catch-up matches, write up the courts you need and the time on the clubhouse noticeboard. It is basically first in, first served. Be careful, though, to make sure that the courts have not already been reserved.
    • A team should not reserve more than two courts for a catch-up match.
    • Catch-up matches have priority over team practices or casual play. However, if your catch-up match is going to clash with another team’s practice, you must advise the team captain in advance so that team can make other arrangements. (A list of team captains is set out below.)
    • It is possible to schedule catch-up matches on Sundays after 5:00 pm, but it must be appreciated that there is a chance that club day could still be operating at that time and will have priority.
    • To relieve the pressure on our own courts, try to play catch-up matches at the venue where they were originally supposed to be played.
    • Renouf Centre courts can be booked for catch-up matches. If the match was originally scheduled to take place at the Renouf Centre, there is no court hire fee. If the match was not originally scheduled to take place at the Renouf Centre, there is a court-hire fee of $8 per hour per court that the players have to pay to the Renouf Centre before they start play.
    If you have any questions about rescheduling matches, please contact the club captains, John Heath (475 8012) or Yvonne Palmer (380 1224).
    Team Captains:
    Senior Women
    • Premier Women’s 3 Sharon Marenzi 389 6017; 021 054 9061
    • Women’s Grade 1 Diane Craig 381 3365
    • Women’s Grade 2 Elide Elkink 973 9655
    Senior Men
    • Men’s Grade 1 Douglas Lynn 385 7191; 021 042 4176
    • Men’s Grade 3 Alan Dowland 389 4378
    • Men’s Grade 4 Kiran Kapadia 389 0900