Tuesday, 11 of May of 2021

VTC Tennis in Alert Level Two updated 31 May 2020

Vogelmorn Tennis Club
COVID 19 Safety Plan for Level 2

Under Alert Level 2, the club will reopen subject to the restrictions and requirements set out in this plan.

The plan is intended to keep our membership, and our wider community, safe. It balances the need to be cautious in the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, with a desire to enable members to play tennis again at our club.

This plan has been designed to be consistent with the Government’s controls for Alert Level 2. To the extent that there is any inconsistency, the Government’s controls for Alert Level 2 apply.

It is intended the committee will review this plan regularly.

Feedback on the plan is welcome and can be sent to the Club Secretary, Juanita Tsourgas, at secretary1vtc@gmail.com.

General: the 10 Commandments
Anyone feeling unwell or who has any flu-like symptoms must not enter the club’s premises.

Only members of the Vogelmorn Tennis Club may use the courts, or players from other clubs coming to play scheduled interclub matches. (The parents or guardians of junior members may enter the club’s grounds, but will not be able to go into the clubhouse.)

Everyone entering the club grounds must complete the contact tracing register located in the box attached to the railing in front of the iron gate. However, the club coach will keep a separate register of players having coaching with him.

Everyone coming to the club should bring their own hand sanitiser and must sanitise their hands before using the gate keypad or touching other common surfaces inside the premises. Hands must also be sanitised before opening the gate to leave.

There will be no access to the club house except on organised club days or by the club coach for coaching purposes. This means members coming for casual play cannot use the toilets, the kitchen, the ball machines or the court floodlights.

Everyone should bring their own playing gear, drink bottle, towel and pen (for completing the contact tracing register) and should not share these. Members coming for casual play should also bring their own tennis balls. (However, the club will provide tennis balls on club days.)

Everyone must observe physical distancing requirements for Level 2 (ideally maintaining a distance of 2 metres from others).

The number of people in the clubhouse at the same time will be determined by what is manageable under physical distancing requirements.

For the time being, the club will run combined club days for senior and midweek members on Saturday afternoons, from 1:00 to 5:00 pm. At other times, the courts will be available for coaching by the club coach or for casual play. Casual play at night under the floodlights will not be possible.

There is no booking system for casual play: it will operate on a ‘first come, first to play’ basis. However, members should be kind and share the courts so everyone gets a chance to use them. This may require limiting the amount of one’s time on court if others are waiting to play.

Club Day Guidelines
In addition to the general requirements above, the following provisions apply to club days.
A committee member will be on duty to oversee the allocation of players to courts and the organisation of games.

Players should take their tennis bags on court with them, rather than leave them in the clubhouse. This will make it easier to ensure appropriate physical distancing within the clubhouse.

No shared afternoon tea will be provided. Players may bring their own food and drinks, but these should not be shared. Players should limit the use of the kitchen as much as possible.

Players should wash their hands regularly and especially on entering the clubhouse after playing.

It is expected that everyone will leave the premises by 5:30 pm to allow for the clubhouse to be cleaned by the committee member on duty.
Coaching Guidelines
Mark Parsonage, the club coach, will resume coaching services under Alert Level 2.

For contact tracing purposes, Mark will maintain a register of players he coaches. (Parents or guardians accompanying junior players to lessons should sign the general register by the front gate.)

When coaching a group, the group will comprise four or fewer players.

Players coming for coaching should not expect to have access to the clubhouse (including the toilets and kitchen). Access will be permitted in emergency situations only.

Mark’s group lessons will be mainly “live ball lessons”, with each player remaining in his or her quarter of the court during the session.  There will be no sharing of racquets, clothes or other personal items.

Mark will minimise the amount of equipment used. Only he will touch equipment, including balls and the ball basket.

In some lessons, Mark may allocate a previously unopened coaching ball to a player for serving practice, in which case the player will be expected to take the ball home and bring it back for each lesson.

Where a player requires the use of a club racquet, this will be assigned to the player who will retain the racquet until the end of the coaching series.

Mark will sanitise common surfaces used after each coaching lesson.