Senior Interclub Team Selection Policy

  • AIMS

    The Club Committee’s aim is to provide members with a level of interclub competition that reflects their individual ability, potential, and aspirations. The Committee will do this by selecting teams on the basis of merit balanced against player availability and, to the extent possible, accommodating personal preferences.

    Team composition is important. We will aim to put together teams comprised of players who are similarly competitive. Individuals need to feel that they are able to help their team fulfil its aspirations and that their team is contributing to their own individual success and enjoyment.

    We will promote the development of junior and other younger members by providing challenging senior interclub opportunities for them when they are ready for it.

    We aim to retain the loyalty, support and enthusiasm of current members. We will provide interclub opportunities for new Club members who join at the beginning of or during a season but without disrupting established teams. New members may need to wait for openings to become available.

    We will setup fair and open processes and timetables which provide members with input into team selection and meet deadlines for team entries.


    We will use the Tennis New Zealand player ranking system as the main determinant of merit. Although not a perfect system, the system is the best available and nevertheless reflects the results of interclub competition and actual performance over a sustained period. Teams will generally be selected by ranking club members in order of merit based on the latest singles grading points.

    We may make adjustments to reflect a player’s winning form in the previous season’s Club singles championships, or in other competitions, where we believe the results indicate that a higher ranking is justified. This would generally be in outstanding situations where, in the Committee’s opinion, the results demonstrate over several matches a consistent level of performance which would justify elevation to a team in a higher grade.

    We may also make adjustments to accommodate personal preferences where this can be achieved without detriment to the overall fairness of rankings and to team composition. Players may request to play in a team at a lower grade than the grade they would otherwise be ranked in.

    Newly joined members who wish to play interclub will be added to team lists as soon as opportunities arise but may need to accept reserve listings to begin with.

    Rankings and grades will be reviewed between the pre-Christmas and post-Christmas competitions.

    A team which has earned promotion to a higher grade may remain together for the first half-season of competition in that higher grade (i.e. either pre-Christmas or post-Christmas), notwithstanding that top dog rankings may not justify this. Each of the team then has the opportunity to try themselves out at the higher grade for a half-season. Team selection after that would revert back to singles grading points as above. The Committee believes this is fair to all of the players in a team as promotion reflects the results of their collective motivation and effort, including doubles as well as singles. Exceptions would however be considered in outstanding situations if a particular player’s performance clearly did not contribute to the team’s success, or if a player in a lower grade has clearly demonstrated a level of performance deserving of elevation.


    Members are encouraged to communicate any concerns, problems or suggestions relating to interclub team selection to the Club Captains or any other member of the Committee. The Committee will determine all matters brought to its attention.

    Club Captain

    • John Heath              phone 475 8012 (H)