School Partnership Programme

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    Junior Tennis Mission

    Develop new and on-going partnerships with local schools in the wider Brooklyn area.


    School Partnership Programme  (SPP)

    By the end of Term 1 2015, 5 wider Brooklyn area schools will have introduced their students (ranging from year 1 – year 8’s) to tennis with the newly developed and fully tested 5 week School Partnership Programme, based at the Vogelmorn Tennis Club.

    For each school time class, a 1 hour lesson over 5 weeks at the Vogelmorn Tennis Club is proposed.  Conveniently and cost effectively, a full class set of tennis racquets is freely available in lesson time for each child who does not own or bring their own racquet.  Transport to and from the Tennis Club (only if required) is not included and is the separate financial/booking responsibility of each school.  Local schools have successfully used the “walking school bus” transfer method in conjunction with our School Partnership Programme.  School based lessons can also be arranged.

    Currently we have a maximum 10 class capacity each week, coached in 5 week blocks.  With most schools planning terms in advance – be quick… class space is subject to availability and is on a 1st come, 1st serve basis (no pun intended).  This “introduction to tennis” coaching programme represents fantastic value (class price confirmed at time of inquiry) when compared with normal Vogelmorn junior club coaching @ $101 each child for 12 sessions.


    Benefits to Students & Schools

    • Enhanced LINKS between schools and a COMMUNITY SPORTS activity which may be utilised as an extension of a students own school playground.
    • Easy school time introduction of NEW SKILLS to children whose parents/caregivers/siblings have possibly never played tennis.
    • Very REASONABLE FINANCIAL ENTRY and relaxed coaching to a community sport.
    • Awareness of fun, healthy tennis related COMMUNITY EVENTS bringing kids (and their parents) from many schools together weekly.
    • Potential for this introductory tennis programme to lead to ONGOING PARTICIPATION in the sport.
    • Awareness of local access to TOP LEVEL future coaching if children decide to carry on competitively.
    • Maximising day time COMMUNITY facility/court usage.



    The junior convener (Paula Ash – email is more than happy to meet, discuss and check availability for the successful club or school based School Partnership Programme with school sports co-ordinators.

    We look forward to introducing your school class to the wonderful world of tennis.


    “Tennis – For Life”